All guests of the 50's Numbers Meeting in Eupen are more than welcome in our homes and can be hosted by the families of the Eupen Tablers. 


In case a hotel accomodation is wished, there are several possibilities in Eupen, among those are: 



- Xperience Today (ex-tabler):

Adress: Paveestrasse 21, 4700 Eupen


- Boston/ Ambassador Hotel:                                                          AdressHaasstrasse 81, 4700 Eupen, Belgium

Phone: +32 87 74 08 00 


- Sleepwood:                                                                                                  Adress: Neustraße 61, 4700 Eupen, Belgium                                                      Phone+32 87 55 50 88


- Etap Hotel:

Adress: Aire de Repos Lichtenbusch

Autoroute E40 n.4, 4731 Lichtenbusch



If you wish to stay in a host family we invite you to contact the following tablers:            Olivier Zimmerann: